Sugar alcohols

Sugar alcohols belong to the group of polyhydric alcohols and are produced by catalytic hydrogenation of natural carbohydrates. They are naturally present in smaller amounts in fruits as well as in certain vegetables. DHW sugar alcohols include the products sorbitol and maltitol. Our spray-dried sorbitol is characterized by special properties.

Fatty alcohols

With its core competence in the production of saturated and unsaturated fatty alcohols from natural, renewable raw materials, Ecogreen Oleochemicals is today one of the world's largest producers of natural fatty alcohols. The first raw material used is palm kernel oil, which is purchased locally in Indonesia. Saturated and unsaturated fatty alcohols are chemical intermediates and are used in numerous formulations and applications.

Fatty amines

The production of primary fatty amines from natural raw materials is one of our competences in the field of hydrogenation. Under the name Rofamin, we produce our fatty amines on the basis of vegetable and animal fatty acids. The alkyl chain of our amines varies in the range of 8 - 22 carbon atoms.

Ester and Specialties

Fatty acid esters are formed by the reaction of a fatty acid with an alcohol. By optimally selecting the fatty acid and the alcohol, the properties of an ester can be influenced in such a way that it is optimally suited for the respective application. Natural products such as glycerol, fatty alcohols and sorbitol as well as synthetic alcohols can be used as alcohols.

MCT oils

Medium-chain triglycerides - MCT oils - are produced by the esterification of fatty acids with chain lengths of C8 and C10 and glycerol. The ratio of the C8 and C10 chain lengths allows MCT oils to be produced for various applications. Ecogreen produces MCT oils based on palm kernel oil as well as on coconut oil and supplies the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry as well as the food and lubricant industry.


We manufacture surfactants primarily on the basis of natural raw materials. The product range includes ethoxylated fatty alcohols as well as fatty alcohol sulfates and fatty alcohol ether sulfates, which are used as cleaners, wetting agents, foaming agents, degreasers, viscosity regulators and dispersants.