Information to the public

Deutsche Hydrierwerke GmbH Rodleben operates facilities for the production, storage and handling of sugar alcohols and oleochemical products (fatty alcohols, fatty acids, esters, ethers and fatty amines). Feedstocks and products arriving at and leaving the plant by road and rail are temporarily stored in tanks, bins and drums. The plants operate mainly with closed processes under elevated pressure and temperatures and are operated under strict safety precautions. They are subject to monitoring of IE plants by the State Administration Office (LVwA-Sachsen-Anhalt).

The contact persons of our company can be reached at the telephone number 034901 898 0 and at the mail address:

The production plant at the Rodleben site falls within the scope of the 12th BImSchV due to the storage of substances hazardous to water and is notified as an upper class plant in accordance with §7 of the 12th BImSchV. The 12th BImSchV regulates the protection of humans and the environment against the consequences of malfunctions of technical facilities with leakage of hazardous substances. When operated as intended, our plants and substances do not pose any hazards. All measures and precautions to prevent incidents and to limit the effects of incidents have been taken in accordance with the state of the art in safety technology. A concept for the prevention of incidents has been drawn up and a safety report prepared in accordance with §9, both of which are available to the relevant authorities. The last on-site inspection in accordance with §17 of the 12th BImSchV was carried out by the Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office ( on 07.10.2021.

The plant and machinery are regularly maintained and inspected. In addition, fire alarm systems and other safety equipment (e.g. fall arrest systems) are in place. The recognized plant fire department, as well as the plant personnel trained in safety and fire protection, can intervene immediately in the event of substance releases and fires and limit the consequences of malfunctions. The safety of the neighborhood and the avoidance of nuisances and disturbances have top priority for us.

Substances that may be released into the neighborhood in the event of a major accident that has occurred despite safety precautions being taken are:

Substances Characteristics
Fire gases (smoke) Harmful to health with toxic components
Gases / Vapors flammable, toxic, harmful to health
Fluids hazardous to water, corrosive, harmful to health

If there should be an adverse effect or a potential hazard for the neighborhood on our site, the External Alarm and Hazard Prevention Plan of the responsible authority will take effect.

In the event of a malfunction, you will be warned. Such a warning is then made by means of siren sound and loudspeaker announcements.

Warning in case of malfunction 1 minute wailing sound by means of siren
All-clear in the event of a malfunction 1 minute continuous tone by means of siren

Please adhere strictly to the following rules:


If a siren signal sounds, listen for loudspeaker announcements.


Pay attention to loudspeaker announcements by the police, the fire department and the company, and be sure to follow the instructions of the emergency personnel.


Stay away from the accident site. Go to building immediately. Do not stay outdoors. Call your children into the house. Do not use fuel-powered vehicles. Do not smoke. Turn off electrical appliances, do not cause sparks.

Windows / air conditioning and ventilation systems

Close windows and doors immediately and, if necessary, switch off ventilation and air conditioning systems via the main switch. Avoid low-lying rooms (e.g. cellars).


Help children, elderly or disabled persons and temporarily accommodate passersby. Also notify your immediate neighbors.


Do not block phone lines to fire, police or emergency services by calling back unless a special situation, such as a fire or accident, requires a call.


In case of health impairments, contact your family doctor or the emergency medical service immediately.

All clear

Pay attention to the all-clear messages over loudspeakers