Founded in 1916 as Tetralin GmbH, we can look back on a company history of over 100 years. In 1931, Deutsche Hydrierwerke (DHW) in Rodleben patented and realized the world's first industrial production plant for fatty alcohols by catalytic high-pressure hydrogenation. This significant development in oleochemistry formed the basis for the production of high-performance detergents and care products. Based on the experience of Deutsche Hydrierwerke in the field of catalytic hydrogenation reactions in the production of fatty and sugar alcohols, the development of esters and ethers, sugar derivatives and other chemical specialties could be advanced. In 1991, DHW GmbH Rodleben was integrated into the globally operating oleochemical group of the Indonesian company Salim. With the formation of Ecogreen Oleochemicals in 2001, DHW's position as a major producer and supplier of unsaturated fatty alcohols, fatty amines, sorbitols, other sugar alcohols and specialties such as fatty acid esters and ethers was further strengthened.