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The wide range of products used in our daily lives that contain Oleochemicals are quite enormous. Saturated fatty alcohols are used in a variety of applications including manufacture of detergents, shampoos, bath gels, personal care product and antioxidants. Unsaturated fatty alcohols and their derivatives are used in cosmetics, textile and leather auxiliaries, and wetting agents. Sorbitol, in both liquid and powder form, has become indispensable in modern nutrition and diabetic products as a sugar substitute as well as in numerous fields that include quality foods, personal care and cosmetics. Primary amines are used in flotation agents, anticaking agents, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, emulsifiers, fungicide, bactericides, and various other products that make our lives comfortable. Think about the day you have had so far and the products you have used. Many of the items can now be linked to Ecogreen Oleochemicals.

Applications Sorbitol

Applications Unsaturated Fatty Alcohol