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The Company

Ecogreen Oleochemicals GmbH is the European subsidiary of Ecogreen Oleochemicals Pte. Ltd one of the world-leading producers of oleochemicals. Our worldwide network of research and production facilities comprises two plants in Indonesia (Medan and Batam), one plant in Singapore and one plant in Germany (Rodleben). A wide range of products all derived from natural sources are used in variety of applications.To meet international standards of quality operations, the plants in Batam and Medan are ISO 9002 certified by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services Limited while the plant in Germany is ISO 9001 certified by Llyod's Quality Assurance.

Ecogreen Oleochemicals exports the majority of its products worldwide with key markets in Asia Pacific, The United State of America, Latin America and Europe. Close links to these markets are maintained through the marketing headquarters in Singapore which covers not only marketing function in Asia, but also coordinates global marketing activities with two regional offices, one in Houston (USA) and the other in Rodleben (Germany).

Ecogreen Oleochemicals marketing efforts are complimented by a network of distributors and agents in over 20 countries that provide the local support in distribution, storage and customer liaison. To complete the global supply chain network for the natural fatty alcohol business, Ecogreen Oleochemicals utilizes bulk storage facilities in Rotterdam (Netherlands) for the European market; in Houston, Texas and Newark, New Jersey for the USA and Latin America; and in Shanghai for China. The tank storage facilities assure its customers the continuity of supply and timely delivery.

In Indonesia, our first saturated fatty alcohol plant in Medan with a capacity of 30.000 MT per year started, commercial operation in 1991. Three years later, a second fatty alcohol plant was commissioned in Batam with a capacity of 60.000 MT per year. The Batam facility is also capable of producing vegetable based unsaturated fatty alcohol. Both the Batam and Medan Plants, designed and built by Lurgi of Germany, are state-of-the-art facilities for the production of high quality fatty alcohols. The plants are located close to port facilities enabling easy access to bulk shipments and international distribution. The two facilities are also fully self sufficient centers with their own complete utilities including power supply, hydrogen gas production, waste treatment, shipping lines, and employee housing. Finally, both are equipped with the latest process distributed control system ensuring consistently high quality products to meet customer requirements.

In Rodleben (Germany), our production facilities produce unsaturated fatty alcohol, primary fatty amines, sorbitol and isosorbide. To meet growing demands and needs, DHW commenced operation of a new multi purpose reactor in 1999 with the capability to produce a range of specialty esters. Our product development centre is located within the same premises. The centre has pilot plant facilities for new product trials and a well-equipped product development laboratory to support our businesses.

In Singapore, our plant has 20,000 MT per year ethoxylation capacity to cater the regional markets.